How To Get Rid Of Flyaways, Tips and Tricks

Flyaways ruin even the best hair day. You might spend an hour getting a perfect style, only to walk out and see Medusa’s shadow on the sidewalk if you’ve got flyaways. So how can you get rid of those flyaways? These are a few secret hair ninja tips that’ll get rid your flyaways any time you step out the door you can achieve in just one or two minutes.

Add a Little Water

If you want to protect yourself from flyaways, spray a light mist from a water bottle and pat your hair down. This works well for straight and wavy hair. If your hair is curly, move on to the next method.

Use An Ice Cube

Another option for ridding flyaways is to use an ice cube. Grab an ice cube from the freezer and smooth over your flyaways with it. Adding moisture will relax those flyaways, giving them the same texture as the rest of your hair.

You may still have a few flyaways that dry back to their stubborn behavior, but you can always repeat the process or pat your flyaways down once again with a damp hand.

Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is a great solution for getting rid of flyaways. Certain leave-in conditioners specifically for flyaways work great. You can use regular leave-in conditioners to the same effect.
The finer your hair coarseness the less leave-in conditioner you should use because it will weigh your hair down and make it look greasy if your hair is thin or fine. If you have thick, coarse, or curly hair, you can use leave-in conditioner liberally. Leave-in conditioner keeps your hair moisturized.

Dab On Body Lotion

An alternative to leave-in conditioner is moisturizing body lotion. Rub a little into your palms and massage it in, then run your hands through your hair and smooth flyaway sections. Be more conservative with this technique the finer your hair texture.

Dryer Sheet Static Removal

Dryer sheets are the ultimate hair ninja hack for getting rid of flyaways. Dryer sheets remove static, which is a leading cause of hair flyaways. Hair calms down after running a dryer sheet over and throughout your hair. People might think you’re weird if they see you doing it, but once you tell them you learned it from a blog they will think you’re super cool.

Wrap Damp Hair With A Silk Pillowcase

An alternative to the dryer sheet is a silk pillow case. You can wrap your hair with a clean silk pillow case after blot-drying with a towel to prevent hair static as it dries, or you can rub your hair with a silk pillow case the same way you would with a dryer sheet.
Follow these tips the next time you want to get rid of your flyaways. Flyaways are a direct result of having hair strands that are too dry and too much static in your hair. Using a little water can help moisturize your hair and remove static. Leave-in conditioner or a little body lotion locks in moisture. Dryer sheets or silk pillow cases are another great tool for removing static. Use one of these tips next time you want to get rid of flyaways.

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