Best Mascara For Asian Lashes

Looking for the best mascara for Asian lashes? The problem with most mascaras is that they don’t hold a curl and most Asians tend to have straight lashes. If your mascara won’t hold a curl it doesn’t matter how much it volumizes or lengthens your lashes.

One easy trick you can do is to curl your lashes, apply mascara and curl them again once they’ve dried. This will help your lashes stay curled all day long. ​Waterproof formulas also tend to hold a curl better; start of with an initial coat of waterproof mascara to lock the curl in and follow up with your favorite mascara.

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl

Best Mascara For Asian Lashes
This mascara is great for Asian lashes because it is formulated specifically to hold a curl. What makes it different is the curvature of the wand which makes it easier to apply product around the lashline.

The waterproof formula covers lashes without making them droop or flaking throughout the day. It’s excellent for a feathery effect and will hold a curl.

Want anime-like fluttery lashes? Heroine mascara is made by a Japanese company and reviews online indicate that it will hold a curl all day long. Not only that but can we talk about the packaging? It’s too cute plus it won’t break the bank. It’s an “extreme” waterproof formula and won’t budge when exposed to moisture.

If you want to add length to your lashes with a feathery appearance this mascara may just if the bill. It will also hold a curl all day long. It lasts all day long without flaking off.

Max Factor Lash Effect is an excellent choice if you want a false lash effect that won’t droop throughout the day. We also love the fact that it’s reasonably priced.

Maybelline Full & Soft is an excellent choice if you want natural fluttery looking lashes that won’t clump up at a super affordable price. It’s ideal for Asian eyelashes because the light weight formula won’t droop them down.

If you have Asian lashes that won’t hold a curl and are on a budget you really can’t go wrong with any of the Maybelline waterproof mascaras. They are cheap and get the job done. One of our faves is Colossal Express because it adds excellent volume.

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